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Will you ever Know... chap 5/?

Title : Will you ever Know... (Chaptered fic) 
Author : izanamiwiles 
Pairing : Changmin/OFC 
Genre : General (for now) 
Summary : How do you keep your head above water when you're working 24/7 for asia's most famous boygroup and happened to fall in love with your boss?

Chapter 5:The Promotion (Step 5)

The rest of the morning went by almost swiftly. Andie kept working in her room, trying to avoid everyone as much as possible. They didn't need her anyway, so it wasn't too hard. 
They left for their radio show at 1pm and as soon as she heard the front door close she relaxed a bit.
She sighed, and finally took two steps in the living room. The assistant looked around, knowing it was going to be very hard to leave this place, and the group, even though, it was for the best. She couldn't continue like this and their work would eventually be injured if she did. 
Andie wasn't going to cause them any more stress, she was ready to turn the page, when her phone rang, waking her up from her reverie. 
The young gril raised an eyebrow seeing "private id" blink on her cell.
"Yes" she picked it up.
"Hi, may I speak to Andrea Parsons please?"
"This is she...."
"Oh...hello miss Parsons, this is mister Kang Min Ki's secretary, mister Kang would like to meet with you as soon as
possible...are you free today, lets say around 4pm?"
"Euuh...I-I..umm yes I am, but could you tell me what this is about?"
"Mister Kang didn't tell me, he just asked for you ASAP"
Andie made a puzzled look and wondered why the hell her boss summoned her to come.
"So 4pm is alright for you?"
"....I-I g-guess..."
"Perfect! Thank you very much, have a nive day miss."
"y-you t-too"
The assistant hung up and felt something twitch in her stomach. 
She sigh and sat down on the couch, trying to cast her bad thoughts away when a very disturbing one popped up in her head. no no Noooo he couldn' couldn't be....No....oh please tell me he didn't....Oh lord please tell me Changmin has nothing to do with this!
The brown haired girl shook her head to cast that thought away, and decided to go back to her work. Stayng busy was the best way to keep her mind off of things.
A few times, she felt she was going to break down into tears just going through her stuff, but she made a promise to herself not to cry a single tear again, at least not before she would be in her own room and with a new job!
Time flew by, and, the young girl was ready to head to her appointment when the phone rang again, but this time it was the house's one.
Aish....Andie cursed, running late already and jumping to grab the damn phone.
"DBSK's appartment, Andie speaking..."
"Hey! it's Jaejoong!"
"Jae-Jaejoong..w-why are you calling? a-aren't y-you"
"Yep I'm at the radio company but I needed to ask for a favor?"
"A favor?"
"'s.....well i-it's just...could you wait until we get back, please?"
"Wait for what?"
"Y-you leaving....could you wait until we all come back..." 
his voice trailed off and she could feel him getting a bit tense.
"Jae-jaejoong...h-how d'you know..........(sigh) don't worry I will...."
"THANX! see you at the house then!"
Andie smiled on the other hand of the line, even though Jaejoong had already hung up. But she soon felt the tears welling up and quickly returned to her senses. Taking a last look at the clock, she ran outside!
Andie was silently waiting, outside Mister Kang's office, for the secretary to call her. Still having no clue why her boss wanted to see her, but making the most out of it, she figured that it was for the best since she had to give him her resignation letter. 
The young girl kept on biting her nails and twisting her hands, when the secretary finally called for her.
Cautiously entering the office, Andie is being with a wave, by mister Kang still on the phone, to come in and sit down. 
"...yes, yes she just came in, I'll do as we said Mr Shim. Yes, haha yes you're welcome. Have a nice day too."
The assistant gulped.
.....Shim? Nah it's a common name...
Kang MinKi hangs up and stares at her with a smile.
"So Miss Parsons....How are you?"
"I-I'm...fine Sir....thank y-you.."
"Good,'re probably wondering why I called for you right?"
"I...Huh y-yes as a matter of fact I am Sir..."
"Well...It's about small matter that I'd like to discuss with you"
"See I've heard from the members and the manager, that you're doing a great job, and Mr Shim himself called me this afternoon to confirm."
So it was Changmin afterall....

"But apparently you're not happy with your job, am I right?" 
He was now staring at her with dark piercing eyes, and, Andie looked back, confused.
"Um actually it's not that Sir it's more about-"
"hahaha don't worry Andie I'm just teasing you! I know you're fully dedicated to what you do, and I also know that you're excellent at it....So let's talk about your raise shall we?"

The Director smiles and starts shuffling papers in front of him.
"M-my r-raise?" Andie asked all confused.
"yes...wait I just need to find....Ah! Here it is! This is your new job assignment as well as your new salary." The older man holding out the paper to the assistant while eye searching for a pen.
Andie starts to read and widens her eyes in utter disbelief.
...WHAT??? WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? FIRST ASSISTANT?.... The young girl screams inwardly.
"So happy?"
"Uh I do not understand Sir..."
"Well it's pretty simple, you're to become their first assistant. You'll now be working jointly with their manager. The job is demanding but I'm sure you'll find the raise to be a nice compensation?"
The Director chuckled a little bit, a smirk faintly appearing on his face. 
"But...this...this is not right...I was suppose to.." 
"Huh? To what?"
"" The brown haired girl felt lost and confused and words didn't seem to come out right from her mouth, struggling hard to keep herself calm.
say it damn it! He's right there and that's your only chance so would you please spell it out!
"You needed something?"
Seeing the surprised look on the poor girl's face the director quickly retrieved his hand.

"Oh I'm sorry, I thought you knew about all this.......I thought-well as Mr Shim called me himself, I thought you had talked about this before"
"No we absolutely did not and he-" anger made her regain a little bit of composure.
"Oh my apologises then....or should I say congratulations?"
"But Sir it's not what you think I-"
"It's alright, don't worry, I're caught off guard and that's normal. Just sign here and here and that will be it. My secretary will take care of the rest, and as far as the account department is concerned, I'm sure you'll hear from them soon enough"
He pointed out the "sign here" spots on the papers once again and Andie signed.
"Thank you. I'm sorry I'm quite in a hurry, having another important meeting out of town, so if you need anything do not hesitate to call me" 
He lifts himself up and, walked the new first assistant to the door
"It was a pleasure, as always" He shaked her hand "have a nice day, and say hi to the boys for me"
The brown haired girl takes two steps outside and Kang has already close the door. 
What just happened? What did I do? Did I seriously sign those paper? Did I?......Why? I'm insane....This....This is pure madness......I....I can't work there anymore...

"Miss?....Miss Parsons?"
Still rummaging her thoughts, Andie didn't notice the secretary desperatly trying to get the young girl's attention.
Why did he do that? This doesn't make sense....AT ALL....What the hell was he thinking, calling my boss....And what the hell was I thinking signing this freakin contract...I'm..I'm
"Excuse miss Parsons? Are you alright?" the secretary almost patted Andie's arm, worried seeing how pale the young girl looked.
"I'm sorry what?" 
Andie stares at the secretary as if she's a creature from outer-space, her mouth slightly open and her hands squeezing the contract, almost ruining it.
"I'm trully sorry miss but I have to get back to work, so if you'll please hand me the forms I'll hand them to the accounts department immediately"
"I---er---Y-yes s-sure"
Andie disconnected her hands from the piece of paper and handed it quite shamefully to the secretary.
She watched as the lady made three copies of it and put in a red folder next to her desk. She was still staring when the secretary turned her head and with a big smile asked:
"Did you need anything else?"
The assistant blinks, and hesitantly smiles back.
"Oh thank you. I'll .... I'll get going then."
"Have a nice day miss Parsons"
"Y-you too."
And there was Andie walking out of Sm's building, a puzzled look on her face, wondering how the hell she was going to explain that to the boys as well as the manager.

Changmin I swear to God If you don't give me a good explanation for this one, I'll make sure you don't get to eat a proper meal for the next three months!

A/N: Oh My god!! 's been sooooo long since I posted anything and especially this fic. I'm sure I lost everybody who was reading......But it's alright. I'll continue posting, I promise. However can not promise any deadline, very sorry about that.
I wish you a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! HUGS to everybody! ^^ v................Concrete is highly appreciated! ^^
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(no subject)

         You ripped my heart out, and left me there....empty.

        An empty shell walking.

             You took everything, and rightfully I could add, but left me .... hanging

          and I have to finish the job.

          Nobody would understand because nobody really knows.

        The numbness helps getting through the day. It's easier.

          funny how I never knew it would end up this way....or did I?

          Because for once, did I not foresee all of that?
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Follow Up... (Chap.4/?)

Title: Follow Up... (Chap.4/?)
Pairings: Changmin/OC (livia)
Rating: General (maybe a slight angst later)
Genre: Fluff/angst (for now at least!)
Summary: Things seemed to run smoothly for the new couple until a new threat emerges, and Changmin's job is at stake...

"Exactly what did your boss say?" asked Livia softly.

"Nothing much, just that I needed to held this guy informed of every tiny move I was planning. Basically he's there to make sure I do my job properly. Aish! I feel like a godamn trainee again!" cursed the bodyguard while harsly running a hand in his hair.

The green-eyed girl coul feel the tension overflowing from her man's body but was force to sit down and act detached as Wu Yan came closer.

"I didn't ask for this job so if you've got any issues tell the boss. As far as I'm concerned you're good at what you do but I guess boss still holds against you the CheongJu incident." stated the sharp face man.

Changmin sighed and stood up. He approached the new guy and raised a hand.

"Yeah, I guess you're right. Sorry about this morning. Let's work together and make sure I don't see you again on my next job" half smirked the gorgeous man while shaking Wu Yan's hand.

The two of them went to the control room where Changmin made sure Wu Yan was aware of every detail about the case, leaving the young girl to her thoughts.

The day continued like the ones before and soon enough Livia was back in her room finishing one of her articles when soft knocks were heard on her door. The young girl jumped in surprise but quickly saved her work and rushed to open the door.

"you're early! I didn't th-"


The brunette froze. The new guy stood in front of her a questionning look on his face. She blinked a few times.

"...Oo Sorry I thought....nevermind. Do you need anything" she asked smiling.

Wu Yan's face suddenly changed, and for a split second she swore she saw pure rage flashing through his eyes, but it was gone as soon as the guard replied.

"Excuse me miss but I need to do a double check in your room, may I enter?"

Livia furrowed her brows, caught off guard.
"In my room? really? but I thought everything was already secured?"

"Well, you know how it is, if I don't double check the boss's not gonna be happy and then Changmin's gonna be the one having problems so-" Wu Yan started entering the room not leaving Livia a chance to respond.

The brunette still un-easy about the whole situation, crossed her arms over her chest and made a point to stay while Wu Yan was double checking.

Fifteen minutes after going around every corner, the bony man finally closed the last closet door and turned to face Livia.

"Well I guess Changmin does live up to his reputation, everything's spotless and no one would dare to try and attack you here" stated Wu Yan.

Even if it was probably the first compliment that left the new guy's mouth, Livia still had a weird feeling. She didn't feel at ease around him.

A/N: Wow it's been a long time since I've updated this, I hope I didn't loose everyone T___T. This update's short but I have everything already planned for this fic and it's taking me a bit of a long time to put it it all together. Hope you'll still stay until the end. ^^ Comments are more than appreciated and welcomed. *hugs* to everybody! ^^v
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[OneShot] Mistress

Title: Mistress [OneShot]
Pairings: Changmin/OC
Rating: R (het smut)
Genre: slight angst (possible rape)
Summary: She's the mistress, and he's the servant she bought....


"What?" seemingly angry, the young lady turned to face him, displaying no signs of the effect he had on her.

"You should get ready, your guests will be here soon."

"Um" she merely nodded, and continued working on the letter she had been meaning to write 3 hours ago.

She hated it.
Hated that she had already fell for him in more ways she could possibly imagined, and hated the fact that if something was bound to happen it would only be at her loss.
Like any servants, the gorgeous man was only interested in money, or raise, or anything that he couldn't afford and that his mistress would be obliged to give him.

The elegant lady led out a heavy sigh and leaned back in her chair.

Downstairs Changmin was busy fumbling with the diner silverware, mixing the forks and knives places around the plates.

"Who the hell needs 5 sets of forks anyway...." he mumbled to himself when a plate slipped out of his hands and broke down on the floor in pieces.

"Aish!" He jumped, just in time to not get hit by the broken glass.

"HEY! Better be careful! If one plate is missing Master Heechul will deduct it from your wage!" loudly warned Yoochun, one of Changmin's many "colleagues".

The tall man didn't pay attention to the warning and started picking up the pieces from the floor. He stopped abruptly when his hand came in contact with a black glossy high heal shoe.

The handsome servant slowly gazed upwards and was met by a beautiful simple yet fluffy black and white dress, cascade of dark brown hair, and finally, the smiling but yet daring eyes of his Mistress.

Changmin swallowed the lump in his throat and stood up.

"You really should be careful with that. Heechul will not be the only one angry at you if you break any other items from my aunt's collection." the lady harshly said, staring right into his dark orbs.

The tall boy smirked. He knew better than to reply with a foolish remark, bowed down and proceeded towards the kitchen.
She tried hard not to stared at his retreating back, and let her eyes roamed over the table instead. It was beautifully perfect, colorful, stylish and well designed. Tonight's diner would be a success.

As the lady pondered about what type of social games she should invent to entertain her guests, a knot started forming inside her chest.

Her young servant would be there tonight, serving her, waiting for orders, while others, including her, enjoyed themselves. Although she had bought him for that, something kept screaming inside her that this man shouldn't be resumed to that.

Another glass fell, and ruckus was heard in the kitchen. The beautiful lady snapped back to reality and went back to her bedroom to get ready. Heechul would take care of any problems.

~ Later that evening ~

The diner had indeed been a succes, and the Chef had outdone himself. Guests were blown away by the delicious and unique dishes that were brought to them.
Once again the Lady got praised for her household, as well as, the way her servants handled themselves. She indeed took pride in this.

However, the diner had worned her out since she had try to avoid Changmin's gaze all night.
Strangely the young woman had felt him bolder than usual. Swiftly moving around guests serving wine, at times almost touching her, but never actually. The tall man had kept a strong stare on her the whole evening, making her very uncomfortable.

The guests gone, and the rest of the servants silently cleaning the great dining room, the Lady had retreat herself to her room, exhausted and in great need of privacy.

It must have been 3 or 4 in the morning, the sun wasn't totally up yet, but it's rays were shyly slipping through the thick velvet curtains. The young lady streched a bit, and rolled over sightly.
The thick comforter had slipped down, leaving her heaving chest exposed.
Wearing a thin satin nightdress, that barely covered her, she suddenly felt an awkward silence.
She smirked and stopped moving.

He was there, waiting on the edge of the bed.

The beautiful girl froze not wanting him to know she was fully awake, curious about what her servant would try.

She remained still for a few minutes, breathing slowly.
The young man stared at her.

Changmin couldn't deny he had felt something for her the minute she laid eyes on him at the market. Very glad she decided to buy him instead of that ugly old man that came by a few days before.
Not very talkative, she had given him proper clothes, a room to share with another servant and a list of choirs to do. The handsome boy, hated his job of course, but this household wasn't as bad as the ones he had been in before. At least other servants were treating him with equal respect and his Mistress wasn't too demanding.

Nevertheless the tall man had always kept, in the back of his head, how nice it would be to be as rich as her. To own everything he ever wanted. Never to ask for permission again.

All those ideas, had brought him here tonight.
To her room.
The only one forbidden to everybody including her family and friends.

The Lady called it her haven, and made it clear that if anyone were to be caught trespassing into her room, harsh measures would be taken.

Why, and how on earth he had gotten so bold he didn't know. But the way she kept looking at him and avoiding his stare at the same time, all night, made him understood she was feeling something for him, and he planned on using it.

The woman took a deep breath, and shifted a little, debating on wether or not she should at least faint a move and cover herself more. He was still Changmin, the boy she bought 3 months ago, her greedy, smart and gorgeous servant.

As she was about to grab the comforter, he launched himself onto her, gripping her writs, tightly pinning them on top of her head.

Pass the shock, that could clearly be seen in her now opened eyes, she stared back at him. Nothing except pure tension could be seen on her delicate face. Changmin smiled, a devilish smile and leaned down a bit more so that his lips brushed her cheek.

"What do you want?" the Lady asked in a flat tone, trying desperatly to regain a bit of control.

"Money" he simply replied.

She chuckled and turned her face a little to stare at him. Their lips brushed, but he pulled back, surprised by her sudden action.

The well-fit servant was bold yes, but didn't expect her to fight. However the brown eyes he was facing were far from being scared. She was daring him to make a move, to take control.

"Is that all you want?" She whispered, unsure about her own strengh, but somehow willing to take the risk.

Changmin raised an eyebrow.

"Should I ask for something else?" He smirked.

The daring Lady didn't replied but slightly turned her head to the side, gazing at the drawer that hold the key to her vault. It was easy, no tricks, just a simple vault that hold everything she ever gained. She didn't care about it so much now, knowing her downfall was coming, and preferring it coming from him than anybody else.

But instead of surrendering so quickly......................she decided to play a little.

The dark brown haired girl turned her face back to him, and in one swift move, arched up to capture his lower lips. The jerk he made showed how much he wasn't planning on his mistress doing this. The kiss was broken as soon as it had started and she layed back down.

The servant was the one staring at her this time, eyes widely open. Debating on what to do first.
The bulge in his pants made it obvious that money wasn't the only thing he came here for.
The brown haired boy wondered if the young woman could be feeling the same, and figured a little teasing wouldn't hurt.

Changmin looked down. Slowly taking in her features, from her chest to her neck, going up her jaw line and ending with her eyes. Defiant and worried ones that were that were directed fiercely at him.
He leaned down again, a few inch from her jaw, opened his mouth slightly but instead of nibling her skin, he lowered himself onto her entirely.

This took her by surprise, and the Lady had no choice but to open her legs more widely for him to settle more comfortably. Upon feeling his erection against her core she blushed.

The handsome servant smirked, and finally licked her chin, moving on to her lips, grabbing her lower one.

The Ladys' eyes widened and she desperately tried to free herself from his hold. This only made him add pressure. He kept playing with her lip but growing tired, he slipped his tongue inside her mouth. The tingling sensation made her gasp a little.

He coud feel she wanted him as well. Her hips kept pushing against him. He chuckled at the thought that had he done this earlier he would be rich by now.

"AHH!" He yelled.

Anger boiling inside her for letting herself go, the young girl suddenly grabbed his tongue with her teeth and bit hard.

Yes she wanted him, and yes it was too late now to pretend otherwise, but she knew that the minute she would give him what he wanted he would be gone. Rather have little to no memories of him than a heartbreak.

"Stop playing....what you're looking for is in the third drawyer." As soon as the words escaped her mouth, she tuned her head away not wanting to see him change.

Changmin still busy moving his tongue in his mouth to take the pain away, released one of her writs to prop himself up a bit.

Did she?.....Had he heard right?........He really was going to have it?

He couldn't believe it. This was so easy, too easy. Suspicion found it's way back into his brain and he grabbed her by the neck this time.

"Don't lie to me!"
She struggled, pushing him away with both of her arms, but his were too strong and she had lost her energy.

"I'm not, it's in there, see for yourself, and get away from me!" That last one sounded more like a plea. The situation had grown out of control and she was now afraid he might not be who she thought he was.

He turned his gaze from her face to that drawyer, still holding her firmly, body still pressing onto her.
She struggled more, to the point where she slapped him.
This surprised him, and he dropped her. She fell back on the bed loudly and rolled almost instantly to the side, getting away from his warmth.

Changmin was caught between two feelings and he hardly could decide what his next step would be. He lifted himself up, and dragged himself to the cabinet.
Opening the third drawyer he found what he was looking for.
The Key was simple, nothing engraved or attached to it. He took it, feeling the weight bore down in his hand. Closing his fingers on it, he realised she was still in bed, back facing him.

He re opened his hand and look at his most desired object. He put it in the little bag he had brought that lay next to the bed.

Eyes closed, she tried desperately to calm her raging heart.
She had lost everything in less that 5 minutes, and she too didn't know what her next course of action should be. She breathed hard but suddenly stopped. The bed had dipped and she could now feel his body pressing back to her once again. His arm was circling her waist caressing in soft circles and going dangerously up.
She grabbed it and stopped it, but didn't do anything else.

He leaned in closer to her ear, feeling her shiver.
"You're right.....I do want something else" He huskily whispered.

She faltered. Her mind told her to scream, to push him away, to make him leave, but her body kept yearning for his touch.

She tried to breathe back normally but failed. She half turned to meet his gaze. The gorgeous servant was smirking, arm still circling her waist.
She looked somewhere else.

"You said you came here for money, take it and leave. But please don't brag about it to everybody, I don't wanna get rape every two month."

Eyes closed she rested her head back on the pillow. He looked at her, and she could feel his stare piercing her skin. Changmin made her turn a bit more so that she was fully resting on her back again. She refused to open her eyes. He knew he had won the battle. She wouldn't fight anymore, nore refuse anything he could ask for.

"Mistress..." he whispered on top of her lips.

She snapped her eyes open, wondering while all of a sudden he would use that word.

"You don't know what I want"

Before she could form a coherent thought, he was sliding down the strap of her dress, leaving him access to finally suck on one of her breast. She hitched, and cave her chest in. Changmin didn't stop, alterning between playing with her nipple and tracing the contour of the breast with his tongue. Her arms went to his shoulders and she tried to push him away.

"S-Stop" she pleaded. But that didn't do anything.

She pushed harder this time, squirming away from him.
He did stop, but only to settle entirely on her again, making it impossible to escape.



"Go away, you have what you want I-"

"I told you, I want something else, and I can tell you want it too."

"No I-I...."

She closed her eyes again, she didn't know what she wanted anymore. She felt lost and unsure, scared and desire was boiling inside her. Such was the effect he always had had on her from the moment their eyes locked on that dreadful market.

"Shhh" He cooed while leaning down again devouring her lips in a messy and hungry kiss.
This time though she didn't resist.
When they both parted, licking her lips she looked at him.

"Yes I do want it, but not like that. I...I have a heart too, and it would be best if you could leave without making any imprints on it."

The gorgeous man looked at her puzzled, a knot forming itself in his chest.

He always figured that the only way she could have been attracted to him was because of the forbidden aspect of the relationship. The fact that it was banned by society and that he would ultimately get the blame for it.
He swallowed hard, and for the first time couldn't meet her eyes.

"What if.....what if I was free?"


"What if I was free, could I claim you then?"

This was the first time, he ever thought about it.


The word never held any meaning for him, knowing too well it wasn't in his destiny.
With Money came power, and with power he could definitely buy his freedom but somehow this wasn't what he had in mind.

Realisation of what it meant for him and for her, dawned on the both of them.

Freeing him would mean loosing him for good. Maybe this was the best thing to do. Her heart ache at the thought, but she knew in her right mind it was the right decision.

"Free huh? If that's what you want then.....I'll make you a free man."

"Really?!" Changmin stared back at her, excitement clearly seen in his bright mocha eyes.

She nodded, looking sad but smiling anyway.

He cupped her cheeks and was about to kiss her when she tilted her head to the side. Nose against the palm of his hand she whispered:
"Don't...You'll be free in a few hours. After that you'll be able to go anywhere, just........don't come back." She leaned her head in his hand more, as if to imprint the memory of each line in her skin.

Slowly he detached one hand and slid it down her bare shoulder. She shivered. Brushing over her cliveage, pondering on what to do. Changmin stilled his mouvements, staring at her intensely.

Anxiety was making it's way in her mind. Chest heaving more from the deep breaths she couldn't withhold. With it she could feel the servant's warmth and desire even more.

Changmin remained frozen for a few more seconds, battling between reason and lust, letting the second one finally take control. He gripped her writs once again, and pinned both of her arms to the side. Leaning down, he started by nibling her jaw, moving down to her neck and spot underneath her ear. She gasped and started moving frantically, arching and bending her body to avoid any contacts.

"STOP! STOP!" She cried, her face torned in panic.

The muscular boy brushed his nose against her cheek, pushing his erection against her stomach. Leaving her no space to move, he continued his teasing, focusing on her exposed right collarbone. Changmin bit down hard. She screamed. By now she breathed quick ragged breath, almost convulsing. This didn't made him stop though, licking the wounded spot to smooth the pain.

"STOP PLEASE!S-Stop I'm..."

Her body wouldn't stop shaking and tears were slowly forming in her eyes, but she refused to let them slip.
The Servant pressed his lips on the bit mark and lifted his head to stare back at her anxious filled ones.

"I'm not gonna hurt you, if that's what you're afraid of" He chuckled.

"Please...I'm begging you! Please don't...I-"

"You want it as much as I do, I can feel it, so stop the act!"

She pushed against his arms as hard as she could, lifting herself up a little, but only falling back harder on the bed. Turning her head to the side, she didn't want to meet his gaze anymore.

"No, not like that, I don't-"

"Oh come on, it's not like I forced you or anything. You were the one kissing me in the first place remember?"

He was starting to get pissed by the whole situation, why in the hell was she fighting him so much.

"Please, I'm begging you just go....go away please"

"ENOUGH" He snapped.

She stared back at him, fear taking control of her entire self.
Air was slowly leaving her lungs and she started choking. She felt as if she was about to pass out any moment.

Changmin saw it, and creased his eyes.
He let go of one of her arm and propped himself up to let her breath a bit more. Too consume by fear she was unable to do anything, and continued breathing quickly eractically.

"You're acting like if it's your first time or something, come on stop the act already!" He sighed.

The girl stopped breathing abruptly and froze. Changmin tilted his head to the side. When he met the lifeless brown eyes of the woman it finally hit him.

"You're kidding? You're not...You haven't?...Seriously?" the cocky servant choked.

She swallowed hard and couldn't repressed the tears that silently ran down her cheeks.

"I-It's the only thing that's trully mine..." She started explaining between sobs.
"The money, the rank, the power, I inherited them, it was never mine in the first place. But this-" She paused and turn to face him again, swallowing the lump in her throat.
"This is 'me'" She continued.
"You've got everything you wanted, just leave...please" She pleaded tears pooling in her eyes again.

Dumbfounded, Changmin shook his head in disbelief.

"Don't tell me you never had the opportunity to...I mean I saw the men hanging around you! Don't tell me nothing ever happened"

"They didn't care about me, they were always after something else.....exactly like you. This is the only thing I actually posess, I wasn't going to give it to just anybody!"

She sighed, her head buzzing and her limbs aching from constant pressure Changmin was putting on them.
The well-fit servant still couldn't believe his ears. He kept looking at her, smiling. His prey had become even more interesting.

"So...You actually never...." he whispered huskily, his hand slowly moving from in between her
breats going down, down, down.

"NO!" She screamed, grabbing his hand and holding it firmly.

Panic, tension, rage, fear everything rushed in her all at once. This was not what she had planned for, and she couldn't see any escape. She fought and fought, pushing her body against him, trying to at least make him free her writs. Rolling half way, arms bent awkwardly hurting her to the point where she yelled out of desperation.

"Leave! LET ME GO! I'-I'll scream! I swear I'll-"
She was cut short by Changmin lips pressed hard on hers.
There was no way she would get away, she knew it now. Eyes widening to the realisation the he was indeed going to get everything he wanted.
The tall man kept adding more pressure to the kiss, as if to silence every word she would utter.

She remained still, all energy had been drawn out of her body, and she didn't feel the need to fight anymore.
Changmin slowly detached his lips from hers, and bored his lust filled eyes in her terrified ones.

"Did I treat you bad?" She ultimately asked.


"Did I hurt you in anyway? I mean I think I treated you properly considering you were my servant, no?"

"What are you talking about?"

He grew even more impatient with this small talk.

"By doing this, You'll only hurt me....Did I do something that bad to deserve it?"
Stress made her blabber. Bying time, or reasonning with him might be the only way to get her out of this.
Changmin sighed heavily.

"Please, you already took it all, just don't do this"
Once again she pleaded.

Clenching his jaw, he stared back at her.
Getting frustrated more and more about the whole situation, he was starting to get confused about what he was actually feeling.
Nevertheless, when she once again arched up to try and free herself, the move sent chills in his spine as she brushed against his erection with her thigh. That was enough to erase any doubts from his mind and set him on auto pilot, ravishing her neck. He pushed himself onto her harder, leaving her no choice but to spread her legs more in order to not hurt too much. This was the signal for him, he lifted her dress up and in two swifts move enter her forcefully.

She screamed, head thrown back, back arching up. He freed her arms and circled her waist, holding her still. While he stilled inside her, letting her breathe a bit, he kissed and nibbled her neck. But when he couldn't hold it anymore, he started moving. Slow mouvements first, as if trying to make her feel at ease.

She was on the verge of fainting. Pleasure and hurt mixed together, lack of air, and dizzyness claimed her all at once. She coudn't move anymore, it's as if she was floating, her body disconnected from her brain. Changmin's hot breath on her face, made her sick.
He kept moving inside her, harder and faster this time. She thought she would pass out, when suddenly it hit her. A Wave of unknown pleasure swept through her and she let out a yell. Her eyes snapped opened and met Changmin's anxious and lust filled ones. He kept hitting that spot over and over again and there was nothing she could do but scream his name over and over again.

Suddenly it all became blurry and she really did pass out this time. Changmin's orgasm came soon after and he passed out on top her, unable to hold himself anymore.

They both stood like this for a moment.

After a while she slowly regained consciousness, and realised Changmin was still inside her. Suffocating again she pushed him as hard as her limbs would and managed to squirm away from his body. Rolling to the side, she curled in the bedsheets, covering herself entirely. Tears floaded from her eyes, and she started convulsing once again. Her whole body aching.

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Follow Up... (Chap.3/?)

Title: Follow Up... (Chap.3/?)
Pairings: Changmin/OC (livia)
Rating: General (maybe a slight angst later)
Genre: Fluff/angst (for now at least!)
Summary: Things seemed to run smoothly for the new couple until a new threat emerges, and Changmin's job is at stake...

Three days had passed since the incident, and Livia had definitely pushed aside her anxiety and was behaving the way Changmin asked her.

Everyday it was the same routine: breakfast at 9 in the kitchen with two other guards, Donghae and Junki. Quickly followed by a little family time until 11 when her mum would start preparing lunch.
Livia would help from time to time, if her work was letting her. She had managed to keep her position as editor in chief of a music magazine, currently working from the safe place and sending everything by mail.

After Lunch, a meeting was held at 2 by Changmin himself, covering any progress made in the case, as well as, any changes the team would want to make to the initial surveillance plan.
Livia wasn't supposed to, but she would always hide in the corner of the room, making herself as small as possible, just to sneak a peek at him.

As each day went by, her worst fear was coming to life and she felt she was loosing him more and more.
The tall man was steadily getting back to his old self, focusing almost solely on his job and growing apart from the young girl. The distance between them wasn't noticeable by anyone but them.
However, every night, when his team was displayed to every surveillance point, he would still come to her.

Everytime she felt the bed dip and his arm settle on her stomach, Livia's heartbeat would rush like the first time they kissed. Changmin would press into her body more, starting to nibble her neck while letting his hand traveled on her, aimlessly. Rapidly, things would start heating up, the two of them kissing passionately as if there was no tomorrow and in Livia's mind that's exactly what she thought.

These nights, even if passionate, were slowly eating her up. Bits of her heart breaking everytime Changmin looses himself in her vibrant green eyes, whispering sweet words on top of her lips.

Nevertheless, morning always welcomes them too early. The gorgeous bodyguard rushing to get downstairs before anyone can discover their little game, while Livia stays in bed a little longer, as if to make sure this isn't all a dream.

This morning was different though.

As the tall man made his way to the kitchen, mind already focused on the work ahead, he felt someone staring at him. He turned abruptly and came face to face with Wu Yan. Arms crossed over his chest, the sharp faced man was glaring at Changmin.

"As I can see, being on time isn't your major priority."

"Excuse me?"

"The boss sent me here to re-evaluate your strategy, but I'm sure you already knew that right?" the cold man finally smirked and walked closer.

"No I didn't" dryly replied the bodyguard grabbing the documents Wu Yan were handing him.

Changmin scanned through it, never loosing sight of the man in front of him.
The agent had indeed been sent to help him and to tie up any loose ends. The tall man hating this instrusion was already dialing his boss number, when Livia came down the stairs. Caught off guard, Changmin felt a knot forming in his stomach, for no apparent reason, and decided to ignore it while walking towards her.

"....Boss?" The tall man suddenly spoke before he could introduce Livia to the new agent.
"..yeah..He just arrived...but about that...yes I-d like-" and the bodyguard was gone to finish his conversation more privately in the work room.

The brunette smiled warmly to Wu Yan, raising a hand.
"Hi I'm Livia"

Wu Yan shrugged and spat "Yeah I'm Wu Yan" while walking away.

" you" the girl slowly whispered, wondering who the hell was this guy and why was she receiving such a cold treatment from him.

Preparing tea and two toasts, the green-eyed girl sat down arranging the food in front of her. She was about to chew in one of the toast when Changmin bursted in, visibly angry.

"Aish I seriously didn't need that right now!"

The brunette stared at her bodyguard, eyebrows raised.

"That new guy is gonna be my chaperon from now on!" the gorgeous man spat.

"What? Why?"

"I guess my boss still doesn't trust me!" Changmin sighed letting his frustration out.
Massaging his temples, he closed his eyes and leaned back on his chair.

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Will you ever Know...

Title : Will you ever Know... (Chaptered fic)
Author : izanamiwiles
Pairing : Changmin/OFC
Genre : General (for now)
Summary : How do you keep your head above water when you're working 24/7 for asia's most famous boygroup and happened to fall in love with your boss?

Chapter 4:The Dilemma (Step 4)

The next morning, Andie wakes up feeling sick. Souvenirs of the night before comes rushing back in her head and she feels as if the humiliation isn't going to let her survive the day.
She gets up and goes to take a shower. After having taken time to get herself ready, she grabs a few things on her table and finally decides to step out of her room.

No one's up yet, which is quite understandable since it's 6 am, and their schedule only shows one radio interview, which isn't until 2pm.

She sighs, and takes a few steps towards the kitchen but suddenly freezes.

Changmin's sitting down right in front of her, head resting on one of his arm on the table, sound asleep.

Her cheeks turns red all of a sudden, and she's about to turn around and run back to her room, when she realises she will have to face him at one point or another....
might as well be when he's asleep.

She grabs the blanket wich is lying on the sofa and covers him with it gently. The sight is quite appreciable, and she has a hard time not staring at him.
Why did it had to be him?....In the whole freaking world, why did I have to fall in love with him?

She keeps looking at him with an unwanted smile on her face, when her eyes are caught by something peculiar underneath Changmins' folded arms.
There's a piece of paper with a few scribbled sentences on it.
It's seems like Changmin's been having a hard time deciding what he really wanted to write on it, because there's a lot of crossing out. But somehow she manages to see her name in full print.

She represses the urge to grab that piece of paper and see for herself what it's all about, and goes to the sink to make herself some coffee.

Confused about what she just saw and doesn't pay attention to the noise she's making. When she turns around to sit at the table, Changmin shifts, gradually lifts his head, yawns and streches his arm.
She stops breathing.
Shit shit shit.....

"Awwwww.......hmm......Jae hyung? You making breakfast? ....'m hungry.." yawns the tall maknae, eyes still closed.

Andie stares at him, eyes widened, and wonders if she should just pretend she's jaejoong, not answer and go on with the breakfast preparation. Before she can decide, Changmin opens his eyes and stares back at her.

"Ooh..sorry I thought...."

"Nevermind....................................................(sigh) do you want something to eat?"

"eh?...hmm....yeah....i-if y-your making anything"
Feeling hungry, the gorgeous guy manages plasters a big grin on his face.
Andie almost chokes on her coffee seeing the goofy - 4 year old - face Changmin is making.
Seriously him? What the hell am I thinking?!

But almost as rapidly, the kids' face is replace by his normal looking one. He looks down on the paper in front of him. For a split second there, his brain is trying to figure out what the heck it is, when suddenly he remembers.

Andie is about to ask some questions about it, seeing how serious Changmin looks, but the model looking boy takes the paper and shreds it into pieces. She raises an eyebrow.
Why did I even bother....

She puts the toast, she made earlier, on a plate and, slides it in front of Changmin, she then takes her cup of coffee and goes back to her room.

Changmin sigh, but then again the same smirk appears on his face.

He stands up and steps outside on the terrace. The chilly wind wakes him up a bit more, and he shivers a little.
He flips open his cell phone and starts scanning the numbers in his phone book. He stops at SM Ent. front office. He presses the green button and starts chewing the interior of his cheek.
Ok Here we go.....

A couple of seconds and a few bips later, there's a girl voice on the other hand of the phone.

"Yeobeuseyo, Good morning, you've reached SM Entertainment's front office, may I help you?"

"....Erh Yes, Hi.....C-could I speak to Mr Kang MinKi please?"

"I'll forward the call right away sir."

"Thank you very much."

"Yes?.. Kang MinKi's office....may I ask who's calling please?"

"....This is Shim Changmin, I would like to talk to mister Kang Min Ki please, it's important...."

"Hum...well, I'm sorry but mister Kang isn't available for the moment, can I take a message?"

"w-well....n-no I really would like to talk to him personnally.........Do you know when he'll be back?"

"(sigh)....ehh let's see....he's got an appointment at 9, then he is in a meeting until 12 and after that he should be free after lunch, around 1.30pm...."

"1.30pm that's perfect, I'll call him then, thanx a lot!" and before the secretary could add anything, Changmin had already hung up.

A/N: I'm so sorry for not updating way before, but moving to Korea kinda changed my life schedule ^^,.....Moreover I wasn't sure I had readers, people actually willing to stick around ^^,
Thanx to expiredxmilk I was proven wrong. This chapter is for you! thank you ^^
Comments loved so please don't hesitate *gives out cookies and dbsk pies*

So I guess it's us again huh?....

Selfishly I wrote that piece for me......If people do stumble upon it, feel free to imagine anyone as the Angel. I did have somebody in mind....^w^

"So here we are once again right?" sigh the Angel

"Yeah I guess..." whispered the girl

"You do understand that it's the same fucking story each time!"

"I-I know....but...."

"But what dammit!" he ran a head in his hair "I mean seriously do you even listen to what I say? Or do you just like to see me trying desperately to bring you back on the right track?"

"I-No that's not it, it's just...I don't know.... I mean.....yes everytime it's the same, yes everytime I touch bottom, but damnit if you only knew-"

"Ok Stop it right there: I KNOW! I know better than anyone else,nicklehead...I'm your guardian angel, I live, breathe, think, move and most of all suffer and rejoice with you, so yeah trust me I know!"

"Well then if you do, you know how pissed I am about all this!"

"Um Yes I know Alright"


"Then what?"

"Well then what am I suppose to do?" she pleaded with her sad eyes.

"Oh no, no no, I'm not doing this again missy. I'm done you hear me? Store closed, everything's gone."
He shaked his head from side to side and started walking away.

"WAIT! Please wait! You can't just leave!" She streched her arms trying to stop him.

"And why not? if I may ask" He replied grinning.

"Be-because you're my angel, you can't-you can't just leave, that's not.....normal...."

"HAHAHAHAHAHA Normal? are you serious? Need I remind you that you're talking to an angel, that basically only lives and resides in your head 80% of the time, and you're speaking about normality, please."

".......I...I guess you're right. Well then go..."

He looked at her.
She wasn't a bad person, just lost 90% of the time. The 10% remaining she would find joy interacting with others. Caring, playing, or simply listening.
But no matter how much people praised her on her skills, welcomed her in their hearts or simply thanked her, she would always, always find a flaw ANYWHERE.
It wasn't her fault really, just a really BAD habit she didn't know how to get rid of.

"Ahhh Lord knows I hate it when you surrender without even fighting a slightly bit.."

"I just don't know anymore I mean-"

"You mean: You've tried, oh so many times. You fought to get rid of this little voice inside your head telling: "You're not good enough, you're not pretty enough, you're not smart enough, you're not thankful and caring enough". Basically that you're not enough right?"


"See? I know you! I know you maybe better than you know yourself actually, this is why I'm angry! God I'm angry! I'm pissed at you! Because I know, I know who you trully are. Deep inside, buried under layers and layers of fear, clichés, false ideas and paradigms, I know who YOU are! and it kills me, literally!....Did you even consider the fact that everytime you feel like you do right now, you're hurting me?"

"What? I don't understand"

"Of course you don't! This is where your true selfishness lies sweetheart, right there! When you feel that low of yourself, when you feel you're not worthy of it all, when you sabotage yourself because you think you're not allowed to anything, you hurt me. You can't see it, I'm not even sure you can feel it, but you do."

"But how come-"

"Easy: I'm your guardian angel, I'm here to serve and protect, but I'm also here to guide and follow when you finally take the lead. But when you stop, when you back down, or when you drape yourself in fears and doubts, I cry. Yes, I cry. Strange right? That hollow feeling inside you, where do you think it comes from?"

"Me...I mean the sadness I feel."



"Yes wrong. It's me! This helplessness, it's me! See I'm here to help you right? I'm here to make sure you're safe and healthy. Happy and joyful. But most of all, I'm here to make sure you get the life you absolutely deserve. The most precious, magnificient, abundant and joyful, caring and loving life you've been set to live from the day you were born! This is my sole job. This is why I've been sent down, and this is why I breathe.
But now picture this: Everytime you suffer, everytime you hurt yourself, physically or mentally, it attacks me. And when I say attacks, I mean physically it strikes an arrow at me, shoots and never misses."

"What? way! I just....I couldn't....There's no way I could ever-"

"Hurt me? Well you did, and more than once. At one point, you've hurt me so badly I thought I could never grow my wings again and fly home......I guess you see what I'm referring to, no need to spray salt on a still fresh wound. But seriously, You've really messed me up badly and I-"
The angel suddenly stopped witnessing the tears running freely on the girl's cheeks and her shoulders shaking from the realisation of what he just said.

She choked in between sobs, sliding on the floor, her legs unable to carry her anymore and her hands reaching at her face, covering it entirely, tears overflowing between her fingers.

The angel started shaking too. Beatifully long silver feathers detaching themselves from his back and falling to the ground ever so delicately. No tears ran down his face though. His eyes, dark and emotionless were glued on the girl. His lips sealed in a thin line were slowly loosing their soft pink colours. His lightning presence, like a sunset, was slowly diminishing.

Suddenly, the girl raised her head. Wiping her tears away harshly, she breathed hard before she saw what she was doing.

This time it was in plain sight right in front of her, and for a second there her heart stopped.

This, this was not what she wanted.
She had never in her life wanted to hurt anybody.
She took pride in the fact that she was an empathic, kind person that had the ability to help others.
But had she fooled herself all along?

The way she had treated herself, the way she had led that nasty little voice inside of her head take control, had resulted in the suffering and almost murder of another soul.
The only person who had cared for her, the only living creature who had always been there at the hardest of times, cheering her up, helping her carry on and making sure she was safe enough to move on and go chase her dreams. That same person was standing in front of her suffering and hurting, all of it because of her sole fault.

She couldn't take it anymore, and as much as she wanted to run and soothe him with a bone crushing hug, she knew it wouldn't help. So she forced herself to breathe slowly and conciously. She took 3 big breaths and let them envelopp her. She calm her heart down, and wiped the tears from her face, spreading the biggest smile she could and she stared at him.

She stood there, unmoving. Simply breathing. Filling her heart with all the love she could. She knew she had to surpass herself this time. She knew she had to make it happen in order to make him shine once more. She knew it was now or never......

And she did it..

Slowly, oh so slowly Colors started claiming their spots back on the tall man's physical envelope.
His folded and tarnished wings blossomed into powerfull, glittering new ones.
The light surronding him shined more and more and more to the point where she had to raise a hand in front of her eyes in fear of becoming blind.
Finally, his dark chocolate orbs regained life and displayed a whirlwind of emotions. Hate, anger, sadness, joy, happiness and finally love could be witnessed in the angel's eyes.
Before any word was prononced, the shining man opened his wings as a last statement, making sure it would protect the girl enough from the magnificient aura he was now radiating.

"Ah FINALLY! Took-"

"You long enough? is that what you were gonna say?" She replied grinning widly, amazed at her own power.

"Yeah" he shyly replied, never breaking the eye contact.


"Beware! If I hear you say I'm sorry again, I swear I'll be flying away this instant!" he threatened.

She smirked.

"Ok, I won't, but please hear me out alright?....I apologise (big smirk) for what you went through. I sincerely had no idea. I just always figured I was the only one suffering. And it's true I took pride in the fact that I was indeed the only one suffering.......But I should have known better. The simple idea that I hurt you, even the slightiest is unbearable, and for this I trully apologise. However, even if I understand, even if i've managed to bring you back and discover the good that's hidden in me at the same time, I still don't know....I-"

"Yes I know, you still feel lost. Um I can feel it. Remember, we're link! Wether you like it or not as a matter of fact. The problem is that I'm actually useless"

The girl creased her eyes and started shaking her hands in disapprouval.

"Yeah I know you're gonna tell me that's insane, but actually it's true, I am. For the simple fact that, you've got everything inside you! I'm not adding anything to the formula, trust me on this one! I've tried once, when I was a trainee still, boy I got into trouble!
Not only did they had to cure the poor fellow I messed up, but he actually received extra help during his whole life because they weren't sure he was totally back to normal. I mean you never know; they don't put an expiration date on our magical powders! How could I know? But I'm digressing, what I'm trying to tell you is this: You've been set with everything inside you. The whole package deal from A to Z, every extensions and spare pieces you would ever need, and last but not least an everlasting battery!"

"Ok, sorry but I must be really dumb because I absolutely do not understand what you're saying."

"Um missy? This time I'm really gonna get mad at you, and trust me you don't want that to happen..." The Angel smirked but the girl could see the warning shining behind his smiling mocha orbs.

She didn't replied and just raised one eyebrow.

"I mean seriously a "sorry" and an insult towards your intelligence in the same sentence, do you really never learn anything,"

"OOh I'm s-" But the girl stopped it right there and clasped a hand on her mouth, smiling at the same time.
"Ok I'll shut up" she mouthed behind her hand.

"Thank you. So as I was saying, everything you need, everything you want, everything useful to you for your entire life is right there"

The angel moved forward and delicately placed two fingers on her forehead living a little shining spot and repeated the action on her heart this time, leaving the same shining spot. He then stepped back a little, contemplating his art work.

"I agree, it's hard for you poor human souls to grasp how powerful you actually are, that's why we've been sent to help you. But trust me, you're more powerful than me and an entire squad of first class Angels."
He smiled. This suddenly send her a rush of warm hope.

"But, But how-"

"Ahaha that's the beauty of it! I'm sure you're thinking "well great but if true then how come I feel so down every day?" That's simple, you're missing a very important piece......the instruction manual. It'll be easier right if you could scan through the files and press the button whenever you wanted something done? Yes but that doesn't work this way. Heck You actually need to work a little, put the pieces back together, this is how you grow and how you get access to more knowledge."

"Are you trying to say, that in order to function, in order to get access to my inner strengh I need to struggle my whole life because I'm too damn stupid to figure out the shortcut to it?"

The Angel face palms and for the second tima ran a hand in his smooth light brown hair.

"When they said you were a piece of cake to deal with I guess they hadn't read the file! Jeez! First of all, and for the last time: YOU'RE NOT STUPID! Stop saying, implying, thinking you are because that's how you never grow out of it! Second, no that's not what I'm implying. You already know Everything there is to know, it's just that you're refraining yourself from believing so. All you need to do, is shifts your thoughts. The degree to where you led yourself in sadness and despair, push it back up to feel the opposite! That's your key right there! And boy it would make my life so much easier thank you very much!" The tall presence was now laughing wholeheartedly.

The girl kept staring at him, trying hard to fully understand everything he was telling her. Parts of it made sense but the majority just didn't hit home yet. The Angel knew it, felt it. Pushing her to her limits had some good but ultimately it wouldn't help break all the walls she had built throughout the years.

He sighed heavily and she snapped back to reality.

"Listen, I didn't mean to scare you. I just needed to wake you up and make you realise, that your actions indeed has an effect on the world itself, but it also has an effect on me! You need to remember you're not alone, whatever you may think, you're just not. The way you treat yourself will forever affect me, so please, please be kind! I too wanna have fun, I too wanna love and live. But most of all we both are entiltled to happiness aren't we?"

he genuinely looked at her, and her heart skipped a beat. She cocked her head to the side and smiled too.

"I think I get it. I mean I know I'll still might hurt you again, because I might fall back sometimes, but now I know that I won't be the only one suffering and I'll try my best to change my ways. Can I still ask for a favor though?"

"Um yes, what do you want? I'm no genie though...."

"Don't leave me just yet."

He smiled, grinned and finally laughed.
"Scared again?HAHAHAHAHAHA You're definitely something you know that! I ain't going anywhere, don't worry...moreover even if I wanted to, you'd call me back with your insistant whimpering!"

"Hey I don't whimper!"

"Oh really?"

"Yeah; I mean I might cry and yell, but I certainly don't whimper!"

"Alright, well then let's see, how about going back to that afternoon in june 95? rings any bell?"

"wait, what? I can't remem-Oh.....haha Um yes um alright you won!" She laughed.

He bobbed his head.
"tsk tsk never bet with me sweety."

"I'll keep that in mind" She nodded.

They stood silent for a few minutes, each of them feeling what the other was thinking.

Suddenly, the perfect Angel spread his wings, wider this time. A soft breeze could be felt on her cheeks contrasting with the display of force his wings were showing.

"Ok, I'll get going then...."


"Yeah....It's not good to stay too long, something about getting used to this environment they say, never quite figured it out."


"Anyway, please try to not forget what you learned today alright? I mean serioulsy I'd like a little break from time to time. There's a nice holiday spot right next to the ocean that I really wanna try so-"

"Alright, alright I get it, I'll do my best! Happy now?"

"YES" The angel kept smiling, but instead of confidence, he could read sadness again on the young girl's face. He knew she thought she wasn't ready to be left alone just yet.

He moved his wings a bit higher so that they wouldn't hurt her. He then proceed to walk towards, arms wide open.
"Aigoo, Come here you silly girl!"

Caught off guard her first instinct was to step back, but seeing he wasn't stopping she let herself be hugged.

The instant he wrapped his arms around her, she felt at peace for the first time in her entire life.
No words were exchanged, and there was no use for it. The hug lasted two simple seconds, but somehow it felt like the angel never broke it off. However, in a blink of an eye he was gone. Nothing remained, proof of his presence, except for that warmth inside her, and the still shining two spots she could feel on her head and heart.

True, life hadn't been easy.
True, she hadn't been a good student.
True she had had some help, even if she hadn't understood it.
True again, something felt off, different, itching and comfortable at the same time.
And true also somehow she always knew it all.

But true she wasn't ready to spread her wings and fly yet.........
But finally she knew that when she would, she'll finally be giving the closest person to her heart the best present ever: Retirement!
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Random =3

Like an elevator going up or down,
Life is what you make of it once you press the button.
No matter where you stand,
Even if you grab hold of it on the run,
The elevator will always reach the destination you demanded.
So choose wisely before you press that button
And just know,
That if you want to change something,
You can always stop at a random floor and pick the elevator next to the one you were initially taking.
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Will you ever Know...

Title : Will you ever Know... (Chaptered fic)
Author : izanamiwiles
Pairing : Changmin/OFC
Genre : General (for now)
Summary : How do you keep your head above water when you're working 24/7 for asia's most famous boygroup and happened to fall in love with your boss?

Chapter 3: The Revelation (step 3)

Changmin stares at her, unable to move or think.

He was prepared for anything: her blaming him, saying she was gonna make him pay, her screaming, yelling making him feel miserable....but this....he was definitely not prepared for.

He opens his mouth but the words won't come out.

Andie's still watching him and starts laughing. Tears mixed in with her laughter. She's letting it all go at ounce, and doesn't really care anymore.

Furrowing his brows, Changmin looks at her.

"Is this a joke?"

"A joke?......well I guess....yeah maybe you could call this a falling in love with my stupid, childish and clueless boss...haha good one right!"


Andie smiles, stares at the sky once again, and takes a deep breath. Her eyes still gazing at the stars, she continues.

"pretty pathetic huh?! Yeah I know...."

The assistant keeps on smiling, but it's a forced smile and she knows that if she doesn't get away soon, she's gonna fall into pieces again.

The handsome man looks at her, puzzled.
Is she playing with me? What the heck is going on? Am I that clueless? What 's wrong with me, first Seung mi then Andie - Seriously? love....
His face is all crunched up due to the thousand questions that are running through his brain at light speed. But somehow he feels like he can't end it right there. He's about to reach for her when she bows down and whispers.

"I apologise...and y-you won't h-hear from me .....again"

Before tears can come rolling down again, Andie bits her bottom lip harder. The brunette lifts her head, spreads a big (fake) smile on her face, turns around and leaves.

The maknae stands there, a clueless expression on his face, arms hanging loose along his body. He stares at the empty space in front of him.
His mind is still trying hard to process everything that happened.
Suddenly a horn wakes him up. He snapps back to reality and decides to go home.


Andie opens the door, and takes a deep breath. She has no idea how the other members are going to react to her decision. She takes a few steps in the appartment and is quickly greeted by the lead vocal, silently drinking a cup of tea in the kitchen.

"Ah he found you....good!"

He looks at her with big black eyes, and a big smile.

Jaejoong's always been there for her, whenever she needed someone, which was strange knowing she was the one supposed to help. However in some ways, he adopted her as a sister from the get go, and their relationship grew up like this.

Andie slowly walks towards the chair he led out in front of him and sits down.
The assitant can't look at him, knowing too damn well that if she does, he'll read her like an open book.
And it kills her to think she's going to disappoint him.

Jaejoong breaks the silence first.

"You told him didn't you?..."

Still carelessly circling the contour of his cup, a troubled look appeared on his face.

Andie opens her mouth, but it's like someone, or rather something is blocking her from responding.
The pressure on her chest is so hard she can't hardly breathe normally.
She stares at the cup in front of her, wanting to drown into the green liquid.
The realisation of what happened minutes ago with Changmin is just hitting her and she's slowly loosing it.

Jaejoong takes another sip, and sighes. He puts down his cup and slowly stands up. He walks towards Andie, and circles her with his arms. He plants a sweet kiss on top of her head and whispers

"I will always be there for you, you know that right.....even though I kinda knew it would end up this way..............I'm sorry"

Andie lifts her head up and meets his eyes. Hers are wet but not crying anymore.
She smiles, feeling reassured. The assistant doesn't have to explain her choice. Jaejoong smiles back and walks away.
Andie stays still for a couple minutes, then stands up and goes to wash the cups.
After tiding up the kitchen, she returns to her room.

A few minutes later, Changmin comes home.
Lights are out, and nobody's in sight.
Well I guess it's better that way...
The tall man takes a few steps in the appartment, and as he walks past the kitchen, something caughts his attention.

The five of them are sitting in the kitchen chilling, and enjoying a nice tea-break time while playfully talking about the latest joke junsu invented. Suddenly their manager comes in, soon followed by an average height, brown hair, shy looking girl.

"gentlemen?...You're all here great....let me introduce you to your new assistant: Andrea....Andie Come in please."

Five pair of eyes suddenly stares at the shaking girl, scrutinizing her every move.

Andie bows as low as she can, staring at the ground and trying hard not to choke on the next words that are gonna come out of her mouth.

"Good morning, I'm Andrea, but you can call me Andie, v-ery nice to meet y-you."

She lifts her head up, and swallows hard, wondering while all of a sudden she is now facing five bright - all in white - smiles that actually do not look so fake.
(end of flashback)

Changmin blinks and scratches his head.

Sure, he had no clue of what she felt, and sure enough it wasn't his fault if she fell in love with him, but somehow, something feels awfully wrong with her resigning.

He also knows that the others are going to blame him for it........
He keeps staring at the kitchen, still thinking about what he should do, when a smirk appeares on his face.......

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Follow Up... (Chap.2/?)

Title: Follow Up... (Chap.2/?)
Pairings: Changmin/OC (livia)
Rating: General (maybe a slight angst later)
Genre: Fluff/angst (for now at least!)
Summary: Things seemed to run smoothly for the new couple until a new threat emerges, and Changmin's job is at stake...

Stepping inside the apartment Changmin is instantly greeted by an extremmely happy Livia, running towards him, tightly holding a piece of paper in her hand.

"Changmin! You'll never guess! I've go it! I've got the job! They say they liked my first draft and they wanna read more!" The green-eyed girl had circled her arms around Changmin's neck and proceed to kiss him hungrily when she saw the strange expression he had on his face.


"We need to talk."


Hesitantly Livia detached herself from the tall man and proceed to follow him in the living room, where Changmin had already taken place.
Sitting with his legs crossed and arms resting on his knees, he looked exactly like the bodyguard that was introduced to her that dreadful day when she had to leave everything she owned in the blink of an eye.
The young girl felt a knot slowly forming inside her chest as she took place on the floor in front of her man. She sighed heavily, not sure what to expect.

Formal, and straightforward, Changmin started explaining the situation.

The plan was simple: they would all be transferred to a safe house, and remained there until further notice. Then if Changmin or his boss decided it was wise and safe enough to move out they would be easily transferred to a second less protected safe house.

Livia listened, unable to form a coherent thought. The extactic joy she had felt a minute ago, had vanished in a blink of an eye.

Suddenly, she felt a pair of hands around her neck that slowly but surely were applying pressure.
The more Changmin talked about procedures to follow, orders to obey and protection to be raised at its maximum, the more Livia felt her neck being squeezed and air being sucked out of her lungs.

The bodyguard didn't seem to notice though, figuring the lack of colour on his girlfriend's face was due to the news shock.

Never once, did he stopped his speech, hoping the green-eyed girl would understand the seriousness of the situation and the impossibility for him to not resolve this case.

"I've already sent teams to your parents house, and them and your brother should be under surveillance in less than an hour, so you don't have to worry about that."

The young girl stared back, eyes glassy and totally unable to open her mouth.

"And...oh yeah I forgot-" Changmin took out a small object from his pocket, and hand it out to her.

"Here. That's in case there's any problem. It's a small taeser. I'll show you how to use it."

Livia raised her hand and absentmindly grabbed the small item, but as soon as she touched it she dropped it. The hands on her neck were so tight she felt like she was going to pass out any moment, and when she raised her head, thinking her lover's face would make it better, she screamed.

Changmin stopped talking abruptly and stared at her, eyes wide open.

"Livie what the-"

Livia tried to say something but the only thing she could mouth out was "NO". The face in front of her wasn't the sweet, reassuring one of her beloved bodyguard, but the smirking and cold one of Yoong Won!

Deep fear had now took control of her brain and tears were starting to pool in her eyes. The events that had occured a few months ago, were rapidly emerging again, and with them the memory of the pain and anxiety she had felt at that time.
She felt in the eye of the hurricane, unable to move or step outside in fear of it getting worse.

A whirlwind of emotions was running in her head. She started shaking unwillingly. But still no words could come out of her mouth. She felt the hands applying even more pressure and was about to stop fighting when Changmin hugged her firmly.

Her first instinct was to scream, thinking Yoong Won was the one holding her.
But when Changmin whispered softly in her ear, she finally woke up from her living nightmare.

"It's's ok Livie....I'm here. It's gonna be fine don't worry...shh"

He started rocking her; gently rubbing her back at the same time.

The highly trained man was left clueless as to why his girlfriend had suddenly went crazy. He figured all of this would have come as a shock, but certainly not to that extent. Feeling the brown haired girl finally relaxing a bit, he detached himself from her and cupped her face with his left hand.

"Baby, I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to scare you, it's just-"

"I'm sorry" Livia barely whispered and that was all she could manage to do.

Her hallucinations had stopped and she could finally feel the warmth and love Changmin was trying to convey.

"I-I'll-I'll do what you want...."

The bodyguard looked at her, still worried. He leaned down and kissed her softly.

"It's gonna be ok, I promise you." Determination could be heard in the lean man's voice. However, what struck Livia the most was that despite the normal display of affection and the sincerity in his words, Changmin had changed. And that frightened her even more than the so cold threat.

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